Blue Paint Horse

Just like the studio name…finally I have painted a Blue Paint Horse! She’s a big one too, 24 X 48, acrylics on canvas, monochromatic in ultramarine blue, black and white, with a light touch of dioxazine purple in the background. She’s almost life-sized! I love having her in the house…

Eagle Owl

Amazing birds, owls. I could stare forever into their piercing eyes, which seem filled with the secrets of the universe… This piece was done with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore pastel paper, approx. 7 x 10

Chip’s Portrait

An acrylic portrait of a beautiful young boy, Chip, who is a mixed breed though he appears to have chocolate lab in him, also some kind of Australian hound? Regardless, his lovely glowing eyes and gorgeous coat made for a stunning portrait. I was immensely excited to capture all the different hues his shiny coat … More Chip’s Portrait

Africa’s Heart

An African elephant study with sun, shadow and so many wrinkles… I love the heart and conscience of these animals, and am in awe of their intelligence. It was wonderful to spend time studying her lovely, lined face. 11 X 14 acrylics on stretched canvas photo ref. from a private party

Gray Morning

‘Gray Morning’ featuring the American Gray Fox – female 24 X 36 Acrylics on stretched canvas Had a lovely time painting this beautiful girl, and combining her with all these different elements of a misty morning forest. This will be the start of a series of forest paintings.